DICOM Listener for Q/R
Local DB for storing study information
Importing DICOM studies from local disk
Parsing DICOM Dir from local disk or CD
Query compressed studies without decompressing them
Multiple Studies viewer using Layout,Tab view
Export to JPEG (Study, Series, Instance level). Windowing can be applied to a single instance or series of instance while exporting
Cine Loop & stack navigation
Toggle for Text and Annotation Overlay
Windowing Presets Settings (based on modality)
Layout Settings (based on modality)
AE Management
DICOM Tags Viewer

Image Manipulation

  1.     - Windowing / Presets
  2.     - Invert, Flip & Rotate
  3.     - Zooming & Panning
  4.     - Annotation and Measurement Tools (Ruler, Rectangle and Elliptical)

Screen Shot